Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., English Language and Literature, University of Virginia, May 2014.

Dissertation:  “Transgressive Tunes and the Gendered Music of Victorian Lyric.”

Committee:  Herbert Tucker, Andrew Stauffer, and Bruce Holsinger, Fred Maus

M.A., English Language and Literature, University of Virginia, 2011.

B.A., Magna Cum Laude, Music and English, Wellesley College, 2006.


Assistant Professor, Department of English, SUNY New Paltz, 2014-Present.

Founder and Director of DASH Lab (Digital Arts, Sciences, and Humanities Lab), SUNY New Paltz, 2014-Present.


Manuscript in Process

Transgressive Tunes: The Politics of Sound in Victorian Poetry.

Journal Articles

“Swinburne and the Möbius Strip: Circumvented Circularity in A Century of Roundels.  Victorian Poetry 51.3 (2013).

“In Search of the ‘Lost Chord’: Sounding the Silent Song of Procter’s Poem.” Victorians Institute Journal Digital Annex 40 (2012).

“The Domestic and the Disruptive: A Musical Setting of Tennyson’s Maud.Victorian Review 38.2 (2012).

Book Chapters

“Messy Data and Faulty Tools.”  Debates in the Digital Humanities. Minneapolis:  Minnesota UP, 2016. (Forthcoming)

“Augmenting Musical Arguments:  Interdisciplinary Publishing Platforms and Augmented Notes.”  Provoke!: Digital Sound Studies. Durham: Duke UP, 2015. (Forthcoming)

Book Review and Digital Publications

Review of Cecilia Björkén-Nyberg, The Player Piano and the Edwardian Novel. Studies in the Novel 48.1 (2016). (Forthcoming)

“Topic Modeling Assignment.” Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments.  MLA Commons, 2015. (Forthcoming)

“Problems with the Syuzhet Package,” Selected as Editors’ Choice, Digital Humanities Now, March 3, 2015.

“Preparing for Launch: Avoiding Browser Hell with BrowserStack.”  Guest post for ProfHacker (blog of The Chronicle).  April 9, 2013. 8:00am.

Co-authored Publications

“Crowdsourcing individual interpretations: Between microtasking and macrotasking.” Brandon Walsh, Claire Maiers, Gwen Nally, Jeremy Boggs, and the Praxis Program Team. Literary and Linguistic Computing (2014).


“Sounding Poetry”:  A digital tool for detecting patterns in sound recordings of poetry. 2015-Present.

“Songs of the Victorians”: A digital archive and analysis of musical settings of Victorian poems.  Developer and Designer. 2010-Present.

“Augmented Notes”: A digital tool that facilitates interdisciplinary music and literature scholarship. Developer and Designer. 2012-Present. 

“Prism”: A tool for crowdsourcing interpretation and aesthetic provocation. Lead Developer. Created with Praxis team in Scholars’ Lab. 2011-2012.


2015              Tools of Engagement Project Fellow, SUNY.

2015              SUNY New Paltz Grant for DASH Lab.

2014              Edgar F. Shannon Award, University of Virginia.

2014              Young Scholars Travel Bursary, ADHO.

2013              Horton-Hallowell Fellow, Wellesley College.

2013              Best DH Tool, First Runner Up (for “Augmented Notes”), DH Awards.

2013, 2011    Huskey Travel Award Recipient, University of Virginia.

2012              Scholars’ Lab Fellow, University of Virginia.

2011-2013    Summer Research Funding Recipient, University of Virginia.

2011-2013    NAVSA Travel Grant Recipient.

2011-2012    Praxis Fellow, University of Virginia.

2011-2012    Buckner W. Clay Endowment Fellow, University of Virginia.

2010-2012    NINES Fellow, University of Virginia.

2011             DHSI Participant, University of Victoria, B.C.

2011             NINES DHSI Scholar, University of Virginia.


“Teaching Literature Through Technology:  Sherlock Holmes and Digital Humanities.” New York College English Association (Hilbert College), Oct. 2015. (Scheduled)


“Literature and Laptops: Victorian Songs and Sherlock Holmes,” Center for Digital Humanities (Princeton University), Nov. 2015.

“From the Parlor to the Laptop:  Victorian Lyrics and Digital Tools,” Music Library (University of Connecticut, Storrs), Feb. 2014. 

“From the Parlor to the Laptop:  Victorian Lyrics and Digital Tools,” Digital Humanities Center  (Columbia University, New York City), Sept. 2013. 

“Victorian Songs and Digital Tools:  Facilitating Sound Studies Scholarship,” Scholars’ Lab

(University of Virginia, Charlottesville), April 2013.

“Digital Humanities Roundtable,” Panelist (Rice University), March 2013. 


“Gendered Song: Christina Rossetti’s Musical Meters,” Modern Language Association (Houston), Jan. 2016. (Scheduled)

“Songs of the Victorians:  A Digital Edition of Nineteenth-Century British Songs.”  Max Reger Institute (Karlsruhe, Germany), Sept. 2015.

“Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century Digital Humanities Classroom,” North American Victorian Studies Association (Honolulu, Hawaii), July 2015.

“‘Songs of the Victorians’: Preserving ‘The Lost Chord’ of Women’s Music,” Digital Diversity 2015 (Edmonton, Canada), May 2015.

“Defying Genre and Gender Boundaries: Michael Field’s Literary ‘Songs,’” North American Victorian Studies Association (Western University, London, Ontario), November 2014.

“Integrating Score and Sound: ‘Augmented Notes’ and the Advent of Interdisciplinary Publishing Frameworks,” DH2014 (Lausanne, Switzerland), July 2014.

“Digital Archives and the Music of Victorian Poetry,” Modern Language Association (Chicago),  Jan. 2014.

“Printed Music as Sapphic Song: Amy Levy’s ‘To Sylvia,’” North American Victorian Studies Association (University of Southern California, Pasadena), Oct. 2013.

“Subversive Singing: Role Reversals in Caroline Norton’s ‘Juanita,’” Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain (Cardiff University, Cardiff), June 2013.

“Musical Misreadings in Browning’s ‘A Toccata of Galuppi’s,’” North American Victorian Studies Association (Ca’ Foscari University, Venice), June 2013.

“Forms of Subversion in Christina Rossetti’s Literary Songs,” Victorian Poetry Conference, (West Virginia University, Morgantown), April 2013.

“Subversive Singing: Role Reversals in Caroline Norton’s ‘Juanita,’” Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (University of Virginia, Charlottesville), March 2013.

“Rebooting Graduate Training: Collaboration, Computing, and the New Thesis,” Roundtable participant, Modern Language Association (Boston), Jan. 2013.

“In Search of the ‘Lost Chord’: Sounding the Silent Song of Procter’s Poem,” Victorians Institute Conference (Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond), Oct. 2012.

“A Network of Musical Allusions: Reclaiming the Lost Chords of Victorian Poetry,” North American Victorian Studies Association (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison), Sept. 2012.

“Victorian Songs and Digital Tools: Musical Settings of Victorian Poems,” Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada (University of Victoria, Victoria), April 2012.

“Victorian Songs and Digital Tools: Musical Settings of Tennyson’s Maud,” North American Victorian Studies Association (Vanderbilt University, Nashville), Nov. 2011.

“Glass Houses: Windows and Desire in Bleak House,” Victorians Institute Conference (Coastal Carolina University, Myrtle Beach), Oct. 2011.

“Swinburne and the Möbius Strip: Circumvented Circularity in A Century of Roundels,” Victorians Institute Conference (University of Virginia, Charlottesville), Oct. 2010.


“Born Digital:  From Archives to Maps,” Honors Center (SUNY New Paltz), Dec. 2014.

“Digital History: Archives, Mapping, and Visualizations,” History Department (SUNY New Paltz), Oct. 2014.

“Digital Humanities in English Departments:  Beyond the Boundary of the Book,” Honors College (SUNY New Paltz), Sept. 2014.


Nov. 2015          “Interdisciplinary Music and Text Scholarship with Augmented Notes,” Princeton University.

Oct. 2015          “Narrative Maps,” SUNY New Paltz.

June 2015         “Introduction to Mapping and Omeka,” St. Thomas University.

Sept. 2014          “Digital Pedagogy for the Digital Age,” SUNY New Paltz,


Feb. 2014         “Intro to Creating an Interactive Multimedia Site with Augmented Notes,” University of Connecticut.

Sept. 2013        “Building Interactive Scores with Augmented Notes,” Columbia University.

Sept. 2013        Coach, Rails Girls Digital Humanities, George Mason University.


SUNY New Paltz, Department of English (teaching portfolio available upon request):

“Victorian Women Writers,” Spring 2016.

Digital Tools for the 21st Century:  Sherlock Holmes’s London,” 2014-2015.

Victorian Literature and Culture in Crisis,” Spring 2015.

Virtually London: Literature and Laptops,” Fall 2015.

University of Virginia, Department of English:

“From Page to Screen:  Nineteenth-Century Literary Adaptations,” Instructor, Spring 2014.

“Poetry and Music,” Instructor, Fall 2012,  Fall 2013.

“Folk Protest Music” (composition),  Instructor, 2010-2011, Spring 2012.

“History of English Literature III” (Wilde to present), Teaching Assistant, Fall 2011.

“History of English Literature II” (Milton to Wilde), Teaching Assistant, Spring 2010.

“Academic and Professional Writing” (composition), Teaching Assistant, Fall 2009.


Digital Humanities:

Introduction to Digital Humanities

Programming for Humanists

Nineteenth-Century Digital Studies


Victorian and Romantic poetry, Victorian women writers, fin de siècle writers

Nineteenth century literature and historical/cultural contexts

Lyric poetry from the middle ages to the present


Advisory Boards

2015-Present       Advisory Board Member, VizText.

2014-Present       Advisory Board Member, Music Scholarship Online (MuSO).

Panels Organized

2015                     Chair, “Victorians in the World of Modern Technology,” NAVSA 2015. Honolulu, Hawaii.

2013                     Chair, “The Evidence of Women: Performance, Poetry, and the Printing Press,” NAVSA, Pasadena, CA.

Service to Publishers and Organizations

2014                       Reviewer of article for American Music Quarterly.

2014                       Reviewer of submissions for Digital Humanities Conference.


2015-Present           Director, DASH Lab, SUNY New Paltz.

2015-Present           Member, Tenure and Promotion Committee, SUNY New Paltz.

2014-Present           President and Founder, Digital Scholarship Working Group, SUNY New Paltz.

2014-2015               Member, Technology Committee, SUNY New Paltz.


2014-Present           Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations.

2011-Present           North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA),

2008-Present          Modern Language Association.

2006-Present          Phi Beta Kappa.


Ruby, Python, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Flask, Google App Engine, XML, TEI, MEI, HTML, CSS


Herbert Tucker, John C. Coleman Professor of English, University of Virginia

Bethany Nowviskie, Director of Digital Research & Scholarship, University of Virginia

Meredith Martin, Associate Professor of English, Princeton University

Natalie Houston, Associate Professor of English, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Alison Chapman, Associate Professor of English, University of Victoria

Phyllis Weliver, Associate Professor of English, Saint Louis University

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