SUNY New Paltz Funded a Digital Scholarship Center

I’m happy to report that SUNY New Paltz has funded an interdisciplinary digital scholarship center to be housed in the Sojourner Truth Library! My colleague Melissa Rock (Department of Geography) and I submitted a grant proposal for internal funds, and the President and Provost agreed to fully fund its initial start-up.  We’re very excited that the administration has decided to make digital scholarship such a high priority!

We’re still tossing around name ideas–the current leader is Digital Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities Lab (DASSH Lab, for short)–and we won’t have access to our new space for a few months yet, but we’re working on setting up a temporary home as we gear up for workshops, training sessions for classes, and a speaker series.

Here’s the information about the center:

Faculty members in departments throughout the university, including Geography, English, Education, Anthropology, Computer Science, Biology, and Graphic Design, have expressed great interest in integrating digital technologies into their own research and classroom curricula. However, they lack the expertise, equipment, and access to space necessary to use these technologies effectively; most specialized computer labs are reserved for professors and students in that department, and most other computer labs, in addition to lacking specialized software, are consistently booked with classes. This center will provide the training, equipment, and software, and workshops necessary for faculty from throughout the campus to support teaching and learning with digital technology by creating digital video essays, podcasts, websites, digital archives and editions, and visualizations. This center is vital to ensure that SUNY New Paltz professors are using cutting-edge techniques in their research and pedagogy.

Stay tuned for more information!

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