Digital Pedagogy Workshop

Below are links to the tools, projects, and resources I presented in a workshop on Digital Pedagogy at SUNY New Paltz.

Updated:  Here’s a link to a video of my talk:

Tools, Projects, and Resources

 Online discussion:

Google Docs:

Annotation Studio:



Voyant Tools:




Placing Literature:

Assigning Online Archives:

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey:

Library of Congress, Recorded Sound Reference Center:

Branch Collective:

Victorian Dictionary:

Student Projects:

Following the River (by Adi Fracchi):

Additional Resources:

ARC nodes (for peer-reviewed digital projects):

DiRT (Digital Research Tools):

Digital Humanities Questions and Answers:

DHSI class on Digital Pedagogy:


Hybrid Pedagogy:

Twitter, #digiped:

Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy:

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