My Scholars’ Lab Talk Podcast from April 3rd!

As I wrote in a post a a few weeks ago, I gave a talk in the Scholars’ Lab about Songs of the Victorians and Augmented Notes on April 3rd.  My talk was recorded, and the podcast is now available through iTunesU here (it’s called “Victorian Songs and Digital Tools: Facilitating Sound Studies Scholarship”).

For those of you who wish to see my slides from the talk, you can view them by following this link.
I’ve been busy attending conferences and traveling over the last two weeks, so I haven’t made many programming advances, but this coming week, I’ll be revising the analysis section for Michael William Balfe’s “Come into the Garden, Maud.”  It will be up by next Friday, and I’ll post and tweet about it once it’s up.
More advances in programming and content next week!

2 thoughts on “My Scholars’ Lab Talk Podcast from April 3rd!

  1. A terrific talk! Clear, accessible, engaging, funny, and a really good introduction to your project. Wish I could have been there in person, but I'm so glad you had the podcast and PowerPoint put online for those who couldn't attend!


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