Archive Page Available for Balfe’s "Come into the Garden, Maud"

This week, I’ve been preparing for my Scholars’ Lab talk on Wednesday, April 3rd at noon.  I’ll be speaking about Songs of the Victorians  and Augmented Notes and demonstrating both of them.  Here’s the poster Ronda Grizzle designed for it:
I hope I’ll see you there if you live in the area!  There will be a podcast of the talk, and I’ll also put my slides up on my blog. 
To help with the upcoming talk, I added the archive page for Michael William Balfe’s “Come into the Garden, Maud”.  I’ll be adding the analysis page in the next few weeks.
In terms of Augmented Notes development, I added a new feature that lets users upload multiple pages of a score.  Users can click on the “+ Add another page” link, and a new upload button appears:
Over this coming week, I will try to add two new features: 1. When users click the submit button after setting the measure times, the measure time information will be added to a JSON file;  and 2. Once the previous feature is built, the site will output a .zip file with the html, css, and javascript files necessary for users to have their own very basic archive page like those in Songs of the Victorians.
Stay tuned for a blog post later this week with my slides from my talk!

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