The "Coming Soon" Page Has Arrived!

Hi all,
Yesterday, I made the suggested revisions to my Songs of the Victorians “coming soon” page (thanks for the feedback, Matt!) and put it online!  Now, when you visit, you’ll see the new, improved page instead of my Scholars’ Lab blog post about the project!
Currently, the site is hosted through the google app engine.  Setting this up was pretty simple.  I just created an account, followed the instructions, and changed the configurations on my domain name, and within a few hours, my new site was live!  
You might see the background of the image change in a few days, since I’m currently searching for some nice, free Victorian textures I can use for the “coming soon” page and for Songs of the Victorians as a whole.  I’m currently redesigning the look of the entire site to reflect the new aesthetic of the “coming soon” page, so I’m making this post shorter so I can write one later in the week when I have the new design.
Thanks for reading, and enjoy the new look!

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